Tuesday, December 22, 2009




2 more sleeps till xmas :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

AG Fast food leave on conditioner review


Winter is so horrible, it just dries everything out! I originally wanted to try the sunsilk leave on conditioner because i read so many good reviews about it (plus its cheap haha) But for some reason none of the drugstores here sell it....So I randomly went to the mall and asked a consultant working at a salon to recommend me a leave in conditioner for semi thick and fine dry hair! This was what she suggested, so I went home to do some more research on it (of course haha :D!) And there wasn't much online but generally the reviews i found were good. I decided to give it a go, and my golly it is wonderful!

Product-4/5 It is lightweight, and a little creamier then a normal conditioner you wash out. Easy to apply although it doesnt give you instructions on how much you need. I would have preferred if it was a spray on, but i think the gel like consistency is better to run it through all over your head while its damp.

Packaging 4/5 -Simple and white

Price 5/5 Not bad, 14$ w/o tax!

Overall 5/5

It made my hair feel so smooth and soft...seriously...I didn't think much would change but wow. It really is shiny and soft haha. I would give it a try if you are looking for a decent priced leave in conditioner :D!


random+win :D!

Hello lovely bloggers!
I have to do a haul post soon....i got some nice goodies as christmas gifts for myself haha
sneak peek?



On a side note, i won my first blog contest :D!
From the wonderful ann and michy! It's so wonderful, hahaha! Please check their blog out:
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Their entries are very cute :) Please support them!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New moon + wants

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Me wants :)

Well............it was better then twilight i have to give it that lol
With a bigger budget and a new director i was expecting more then what was delivered on screen though :/ It was disappointing, but I guess if you came to see the movie for the Jacob who had his shirt on maybe 5% of the whole movie then you got your money's worth (seriously, no one asks why he is naked the whole time O_O!!!) I'm not a hater, i loved the twilight books, specifically the first and last one, but i guess books turned into movies that are good are hard to come by. Plus the scene with the volturi lasted so short and near the end of the movie.....im hoping the third one will be better :s!