Thursday, December 10, 2009

AG Fast food leave on conditioner review


Winter is so horrible, it just dries everything out! I originally wanted to try the sunsilk leave on conditioner because i read so many good reviews about it (plus its cheap haha) But for some reason none of the drugstores here sell it....So I randomly went to the mall and asked a consultant working at a salon to recommend me a leave in conditioner for semi thick and fine dry hair! This was what she suggested, so I went home to do some more research on it (of course haha :D!) And there wasn't much online but generally the reviews i found were good. I decided to give it a go, and my golly it is wonderful!

Product-4/5 It is lightweight, and a little creamier then a normal conditioner you wash out. Easy to apply although it doesnt give you instructions on how much you need. I would have preferred if it was a spray on, but i think the gel like consistency is better to run it through all over your head while its damp.

Packaging 4/5 -Simple and white

Price 5/5 Not bad, 14$ w/o tax!

Overall 5/5

It made my hair feel so smooth and soft...seriously...I didn't think much would change but wow. It really is shiny and soft haha. I would give it a try if you are looking for a decent priced leave in conditioner :D!


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