Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Revlon Color Stay Pen Liner + NYX

Okay, maybe i'm just being a super noob, but it isnt as nice as i would have expected from reviews from other bloggers!


Trying it out on my hand, the colour is fairly dark, but when i used it on my eyelids it didn't deliver a true black line. Maybe I didn't wait for it to dry up, but i went over it a couple of times and it still didn't produce a nice line as MAC's blacktrack or even blitz&glitz fluid line !

It was very disappointing to say the least, the concept was cute and it wasnt as expensive as buying something a little higher end :(!

Packaging: 4/5 cute slim pen
Price: 2.5/5

Overall rating: 3/5
Maybe it will work for you, but it sure didn't work for me. I know mac has something similar, not in a pen shape though i will look into..or maybe i'll just try their black technakhol liner!

The NYX lipsticks on the other hand were surprisingly nice. I do agree with most reviews that the regular round lipsticks does have a funky taste/smell..like a hair conditioner which is slightly off putting but not horrible. The Black Daimond lipstick has no smell or taste i could detect, both had pretty good application. Didn't crease with my lips but I had it prepped with lip blam!
And the giant eyeshadow stick is nice :D I'm happy with it, cottage cheese haha :)


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