Tuesday, November 17, 2009

revlon nude attitude and mac's creme de nude

Ok so i've been taken into the whole nude coloured lips scene and I am sure loving it! I have moderately pigmented lips so its a nice change to have the colour downplayed. I wasn't sure if I could pull the look off tho, so I decided to try Revlon 's Nude attitude! It's drugstore, its cheap and it won't hurt the bank right :)?

Revlon nude attitude: (actual pics coming later :] )
The packaging is very cute, just a simple matte black.

The price was decent, 7.99$ on sale at shoppers drugmart! I hear you can get it anywhere from 5-8$, just depends where you get it (ahh the downside of drugstore brands :[ )! It wasn't a bad price tho, I was lucky to have stopped into shoppers during their sales.

For the price, it wasn't bad. You definitely need smooth lips, have a thin layer of lip blam or have scrubbed your lips before application. If not, you'll see it settle in the cracks of your lips ...very uncool since I forget some days and its just a waste since you have to wipe it off because it looks bad haha. I find it cakey, and the wear isn't bad. You can build it up for a much more concealed look.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Not bad for a drugstore product, but nothing outstanding. Good try if you want to have a nude lip.

Mac's creme de nude cremesheen :
Packaging is how any mac lipstick is, glossy black tube!

The price was around 18$ with tax. Sadly, I don't think i've ever been to any of Mac's sales to get better deals on their cosmetics :(

I wanted to try something a little better then Revlon, and I was debating for the longest time which to get. Mac's satin myth, or the cremesheen. I swatched myth on my hand and it goes on like a pure concealer, and when I tried it on my lips (non lipbalm/non scrubbed) it settled in every crease it could find. I found creme de nude to apply way smoother, and it only settled in the creases when you really have dry lips. It has the sheen to it, so you don't look washed out and deathly when you wear it w/o lip gloss.

Overall: 4/5
Still not my HG, but its good to have that nude lip with a little extra :)

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  1. I love Macs Creme d'nude its my fav nude lippy I wear it nearly everyday xoxo